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What is Interfaith Grand River?

We come together with the following understanding of our common purpose:

We are persons of different faith communities, spiritual traditions, cultures, races, colours and genders. Our differences are religious, linguistic, geographical, cultural and personal. It is precisely our differences that bring us together. From diverse backgrounds, we strive to live harmoniously as one community. We cultivate an environment of tolerance, understanding, respect, trust, mutual support, and ultimately love. We seek to develop and celebrate an awareness of our interdependence. On the basis of these principles, Interfaith Grand River brings the wisdom of our many traditions to bear on current issues affecting our community.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote dialogue among our different traditions, leading to understanding and respect.

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of contemporary issues in the context of diverse religious perspectives.

  • To challenge expressions of religious and other intolerance in the community.

  • To acknowledge and celebrate the diverse religious truths in our community.

  • To provide support for, and to encourage networking among, people working in a variety of religious contexts.

  • To provide shared spiritual experiences for people representing a variety of religious practices.

  • To deepen knowledge of the commonalities and differences among religious and spiritual traditions.

  • To acknowledge and celebrate the religious and spiritual diversity of our community.

  • To learn from and be enriched by the interaction among our respective spiritual and religious traditions.

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