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Meditation on the Word

By Paul N. Carnes; 1973

Submitted by Jay Moore

“In the beginning was the Word......”

In the beginning there is always the word;

            before the action

            can lead to reflection

            there is always the word:

The word of contrition before the act of repentance,

The word of forgiveness before the act or redemption.

The word of love before the act -

            words formal, halting, half stuck in the throat,

            incoherent with meaning -

            words present by their absence.

The word of war before the aggression -

            the word deceptive,

            the lie, the cheat and the thrust;

the word of misery,

            anguished and bloodied

The word of peace before reconciliation -

            allaying the mistrust

            slowing the blood in the veins

            making soft the palpitating temple

bringing hope to people and nations

            that tomorrow will come

            - and they will be alive


“In the beginning was the Word

            and the word was with God.....”

            and the word made the world of humanity.


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